One of the popular aliases in other IRC clients is ‘/amsg’. This commands sends its argument as a message to all the currently active channels.

An implementation of this command for ERC is:

    (defun erc-cmd-AMSG (&rest args)
      "Send a message to all the channels of the current server."
      (when args
        (let ((message (substring (mapconcat #'identity args " ") 1))
          (channel-list (and erc-server-process
                             (erc-channel-list erc-server-process))))
          (when channel-list
            (dolist (channel channel-list)
              (with-current-buffer channel
                (erc-send-message message)))))))

Add this to your Emacs or ERC startup file, and then you should be able to type

    /amsg Hi, everyone!  Good morning :-)

to send a message to all the channels you have just joined.