ERC is an InternetRelayChat (IRC) client.

For more Info on IRC, see the IRC help archive:

Getting Started

Assuming you downloaded the tarball and extracted the elisp files into ~/elisp/erc, load ERC by using M-x load-file and typing ~/elisp/erc/erc.el at the prompt. Then call M-x erc and answer the questions as follows:

Note that ERC will append some punctuation characters to make your nickname unique if it isn’t. Thus, usually you need not worry about inventing unique nicknames. On Freenode( people can reserve their nicknames; in that case you will see a warning, and may be kicked off the network by the owner of the nickname, but let’s ignore that for the moment.

How It Works

The first thing you have to do is join a channel. Type the following command:

 /JOIN #emacs

One of the lines should tell you the nicknames of the other users on the channel. Whatever you type now will be seen by everyone else on the channel. Type:

 Hi all.  I'm testing ERC!

Commands start with a slash. Here are the most important ones:

You can join several channels at a time. ERC will create a new buffer for each channel you join.

NOTE: If you can’t join #emacs channel or any other which requires you to be identified visit to see the instructions to identify yourself.

Moving on

You may now like to read ErcIntroduction