Key bindings provided by the ERC major mode

C-m and RET - ‘erc-send-current-line’

Parse the current line and send it to IRC.

TAB - ‘erc-complete-word’

Complete the nickname at point, choosing from the users in the current channel. This also completes commands if there is a slash (”/”) at the beginning of the word (typing / and then TAB will open a Completions buffer listing all possible commands).

C-a and C-c C-a - ‘erc-bol’

Place point at the beginning of the line. If this is the input line, place point after the ERC prompt.

C-c C-b - ‘erc-iswitchb’

Use ‘iswitchb-read-buffer’ to prompt for an ERC buffer to switch to. If ErcChannelTracking is enabled, put the name of the last active hidden channel in the front of the buffer list. Note that IswitchBuffers must be loaded for ‘erc-iswitchb’ to work.

C-c C-c - ‘erc-toggle-interpret-controls’

Toggle the interpretation of colors and other control sequences in messages on and off.

C-c C-d - ‘erc-input-action’

Send the action message entered at the prompt to the current channel or query buffer.

C-c C-e - ‘erc-toggle-ctcp-autoresponse’

Toggle automatic replies to CTCP requests such as VERSION and PING on and off.

C-c C-f - ‘erc-toggle-flood-control’

Set flood control to strict, normal or disable flood control entirely.

C-c C-i - ‘erc-invite-only-mode’

Set channel mode +i.

C-c C-j - ‘erc-join-channel’

Join the channel entered at the prompt.

C-c C-l - ‘erc-save-buffer-in-logs’

Append the contents of the current buffer to the log file when logging is enabled (‘erc-log-channels’ is non-nil and the value of ‘erc-log-channels-directory’ is set to an existing, writable directory).

C-c C-n - ‘erc-channel-names’

List the names of the users in this channel (uses the /NAME command).

C-c C-o - ‘erc-get-channel-mode-from-keypress’

Press RET to insert the line “/mode #current-channel-name “ at the TextCursor, or type a letter representing a channel mode, such as m, s, t, n or k.

Pseudo key bindings available with this combination:

C-c C-p - ‘erc-part-from-channel’

Leave the current channel with the reason provided at the prompt.

C-c C-q - ‘erc-quit-server’

Disconnect from the server associated with the current buffer using the reason provided at the prompt.

C-c C-r - ‘erc-remove-text-properties-region’

Remove all text properties in the region from a marker or the top of the buffer window to the current point.

C-c C-s - ‘erc-toggle-sound’

Defined in ErcSound. Toggle sounds which are played when you type the command /SOUND or when you receive a CTCP SOUND request on and off.

C-c C-t - ‘erc-set-topic’

Set the topic for the current channel. The current topic is given as the default.

C-c C-u - ‘erc-kill-input’

Kill text on the input line from ‘erc-bol’ to the end of the line.

M-TAB - ‘ispell-complete-word’

Try to complete the word at point using InteractiveSpell.

Add your own

Here is a way to bind mouse-2 on the header line to /TOPIC:

    (define-key erc-mode-map (kbd "<header-line> <down-mouse-2>")
      (lambda () (interactive) (erc-cmd-TOPIC "")))