Ok I needed on a channel to requests chanop to op me and I have discovered that /op zeDek (my nick) was useless since I needed to be admin to do that. So I have decided to make 2 quicks functions functions that compute chanop op command for a channel.

Typing /opme in a channel will change your mode to operator on the running channel providing you can get this privilege. :)

Here it is:

    (defun erc-cmd-OPME ()
        "request a chanop op to me"
        (erc-message "PRIVMSG" 
            (format "chanserv op %s %s"
                    (erc-current-nick)) nil))

And the opposite, here is the /deopme command:

    (defun erc-cmd-DEOPME ()    
        "Deop myself from current channel"
        (erc-cmd-DEOP (format "%s" (erc-current-nick))))

The functions may be improved by testings stuff like the current mode etc..

Hope that it will be useful for somebody

Yes, I found the functions useful (but being a lazy typist, I called them /op and /nop).