Offering chats and sending files with DCC is only supported in Emacs 22. Accepting chats and receiving files should work in all versions.

– Can anyone say whether or not it works in XEmacs?

Otherwise, getting DCC (Direct Client-to-Client) to work in erc is trivial. Just add (require 'erc-dcc) in your ~/.emacs file. You can load it directly too, without editing the ~/.emacs file, just to test it. Just M-x load-file RET erc-dcc.el. There is not much documentation around on erc-dcc so the source would be your best doc.


Accept a pending DCC chat offer from nick or offer DCC chat to nick:

    /dcc chat nick

If a user offers you a file via DCC:

    /dcc get nick

To send a file via DCC:

    /dcc send nick file

or M-x erc-dcc-send-file RET <nick> RET <file>

To list all DCC offers and/or connections:

    /dcc list

To close a DCC connection type the following (where type can be send, get, or chat - both type and nick are optional):

    /dcc close type nick