Just a small script I made for issuing a “/nick” command in all server-buffers. I wrote it at first as a global-away command, before figuring out ERC (ofcourse, it IS Emacs, what did I expect?) already did this. I extended it however to do the global-nick thing, so in case somebody might find use in this, here it is. – TerryPatcher

    (defun erc-global-get-server-buffer-list ()
      "Return a list of the ERC-server-buffers"
      (erc-buffer-filter '(lambda() (if (string-match "^[^#].*:[0-9]*$" (buffer-name (current-buffer))) t nil)) nil))
    ;; use /nick on all servers
    (defun erc-set-nick-on-all-networks (newnick)
      "Sets your nick to NEWNICK on all servers"
      (mapc (lambda(entry)
    	    (set-buffer entry)
    	    (erc-cmd-NICK newnick)))
    (defun erc-cmd-GLOBALNICK (newnick)
      (erc-set-nick-on-all-networks newnick))