This module highlights nicknames in ERC. It uses the first twelve digits of the MD5 message digest of the nickname as color (#rrrrggggbbbb).




To activate this module, put this in your init file:

    (require 'erc-highlight-nicknames)

and add highlight-nicknames to `erc-modules' by customizing it.

Or put this in your init file

     (require 'erc-highlight-nicknames)
     (add-to-list 'erc-modules 'highlight-nicknames)

If you don’t just want the nicks colored, but also some other face properties, you can customize `erc-highlight-nick-base-face' and for example inherit from the face `bold' or `underline'.

    M-x customize-face RET erc-highlight-nick-base-face RET

XEmacs Usage

I tried this in XEmacs and it didn’t work, due to differences in the way Emacs and XEmacs handle text attributes. I modified erc-nighlight-nicknames to work with XEmacs faces instead. See Lisp:erc-highlight-nicknames-xemacs.el. – DaveMarquardt

[new] I made the changes with your code and it works for Emacs too. Plus a new face every nick’s face is inherited from. (customizable, see description above) – AndreRiemann

Fix face bug

I found function ‘erc-highlight-nicknames’ have a bug that create many face to make Emacs slow, even crash. It create a new face when ERC insert text, and don’t care whether have a exist face for this nickname.

I add a hash-table named ‘erc-highlight-face-table’ to storage the nick’s face. Just create a new face when occur new nick, if find a old nick, get face from ‘erc-highlight-face-tabe’ instead of create new one.

And i have upload a new version, enjoy! – AndyStewart

Modification to avoid highlighting notices (and breaking erc-track)

You may wish to keep notices in a very low-contrast face to allow the actual messages to stand out. This advice will: 1. Mark notices as such with a text property, and then 2. Prevent nickname highlighting of so-marked notices.

Also, this code avoids nick-highlighting of (erc-current-nick), because that breaks erc-track highlighting.

Please feel free to edit this to make it more elegant and robust.

;; modify nickname highlighting
(defvar is-notice-property) ;; just a symbol for use as text prop name
(defadvice erc-highlight-notice (after note-notice-on-highlight activate)
  "Annotate notices with is-notice-property"
  (put-text-property 0 (length s) 'is-notice-property 't s))

;; unactivated modification to erc-get-server-user to reject self.
(defadvice erc-get-server-user (around erc-get-server-user-notself)
  (if (not (string-equal nick (erc-current-nick)))
(defadvice erc-highlight-nicknames (around disable-nick-highlight-for-notice activate)
  "only allow nick highlighting when not a notice, and disable
   highlighting of own nick"
  (re-search-forward "\\w+" nil t 2) ;; make sure we skip leading timestamp
  (unless (get-text-property (point) 'is-notice-property)
    ;; don't re-highlight self, as it does nothing but break erc-track
    (ad-activate-regexp "erc-get-server-user-notself")
    (ad-deactivate-regexp "erc-get-server-user-notself")))

Colorize logs

I use this to colorize my log files

(setq erc-nick-color-alist '(("Bob" . "blue")
			     ("qdsklwhatever" . "somecolor")

(defun erc-get-color-for-nick (nick)
  "Gets a color for NICK. If NICK is specified in erc-nick-color-alist, use it, else hash the nick and get a color from that"
  (or (cdr (assoc nick erc-nick-color-alist))
       (mod (string-to-number
	     (substring (md5 nick) 0 6) 16)
	    (length erc-colors-list))

(defun irc-log-colorize ()
  "Colorise the match with the appropriate color"
   (match-beginning 1) (match-end 1)
   'face `((:foreground ,(erc-get-color-for-nick (match-string 1)))
	   (:weight bold))))

(setq irc-log-keywords
      `((,(format "<\\(%s\\)>" erc-valid-nick-regexp) 1 (irc-log-colorize))))

;; undefine some syntax that's messing up with our coloring (for instance, "")
(defvar irc-log-mode-syntax-table
  (let ((st (make-syntax-table)))
    (modify-syntax-entry ?\" ".   " st)
    (modify-syntax-entry ?\\ ".   " st)
  "Syntax table used while in `irc-log-mode'.")

(define-derived-mode irc-log-mode fundamental-mode
  (setq font-lock-defaults '(irc-log-keywords))
  (setq mode-name "IRC Log"))

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