What is ErcNickNotify ?

ErcNickNotify is a mode that popup notify window when someone call you in ERC.


In Debian it’s simple, just type below command to install:
sudo aptitude install libnotify-bin -y
(autoload 'erc-nick-notify-mode "erc-nick-notify"
  "Minor mode that calls `erc-nick-notify-cmd' when his nick gets
mentioned in an erc channel" t)
(eval-after-load 'erc '(erc-nick-notify-mode t))
in ~/.emacs

Note: BEWARE OF EARLIER VERSIONS! They were vulnerable to shell command injection, e.g. with a message like the following:

<foouser> yourusername: `rm -rf ~`

This was fixed in 0.3.1 (2011-12-09), upgrading is strongly recommended! Note that the version on Marmalade currently does not have the fix.


The delay time that between two messages.
The command that use for notify.
The file name of icon display.
The timeout in milliseconds at which to expire the notification.
The urgency level.
The notification category.