Connect to servers that allow authenticating with SASL

JosephGay has a patched version of ERC with SASL support on GitHub.

The important file to get is

When you’ve put either his ERC or the erc-sasl in your load-path edit your .emacs with

  (require 'erc-sasl)
  (add-to-list 'erc-sasl-server-regexp-list "host\\.server\\.com") ;; e.g. irc\\.freenode\\.net, or .* for any host

You’ll need to initially pass a password to Erc for authentication.

Update: There is also a small modification to the function erc-login required for erc-sasl to work. This is the reason for cloning the entire ERC repo. Pending a few modifications, I hope to have this merged.