Adds support for a tab-style display of EmacsIRCClient buffers, similar that provided by emacs-w3m. It looks like this:

The code is somewhat rough - any suggestions for improvements (see ‘Todo’ in erc-tab.el) are welcomed. You need two things:

The (easy) instructions on how to use the code are included in erc-tab.el.

2003-12-02: updated to support simple indication that a buffer has changed (the tab text turns blue) and a tooltip with the full topic information (based on code from LawrenceMitchell).

erc-tab.el is great. It misses a (provide ‘erc-tab) to work like explained in the instructions. – Stoerte
Does it work with erc-5.2, I could not apply the patch. – Kalyanasundaram

A patch to make ERC-5.3 works with Tabbar:

First add this variable define in erc.el:

(defvar erc-header-line-uses-tab-p t “Use tab instead ‘erc-header-line-format’ display in header line.”)

And apply below patch diff to erc.el


6084 (when (boundp ‘header-line-format)

6085 (let ((header (if erc-header-line-format

6086 (format-spec erc-header-line-format spec)

6087 nil)))

6088 +++ (cond (erc-header-line-uses-tab-p

6089 +++ (set (make-local-variable ‘tabbar--local-hlf) header-line-format)

6090 +++ (kill-local-variable ‘header-line-format))

6091 ((null header)

6092 (setq header-line-format nil))



                                                                           -- AndyStewart