ERC allows for easy definition of new commands, which facilitates custom commands for various IRC networks. Please contribute your own commands and improvements here. Here are some convenience functions for ERC and Undernet:

By Jeffrey Bedard
(defun erc-cmd-XCS (channel)
  "X channel status"
      (erc-cmd-MSG (format "X status %s" channel)))
(defun erc-cmd-XS ()
  "Short Status"
  (erc-cmd-MSG (format "X status %s" (erc-default-target))))
(defun erc-cmd-XK (nick)
  "X channel status"
  (erc-cmd-MSG (format "X kick %s %s Die mofo." (erc-default-target) nick)))
(defun erc-cmd-XB (nick)
  "X channel status"
  (erc-cmd-MSG (format "X ban %s %s 336 100 Die mofo." (erc-default-target) nick)))
(defun erc-cmd-CYCLE (channel)
  "Part/Join a channel"
   (erc-cmd-PART channel)
   (erc-cmd-JOIN channel)))
(defun erc-cmd-K (nick)
  "Short kick"
  (erc-cmd-KICK (format "%s %s Piss off." (erc-default-target) nick)))

;; end