When people flooded EmacsChannel with code or debug messages instead of using lisppaste, pjb mentioned his function ‘erc-yank’, which is part of pjb-erc.el.

‘erc-yank’ automatically adds pastes to if the text you want to yank is more than a certain number of lines long.

Note that you’ll need to use some of his personal libraries, available at w3 is required as well.

This file seems to have been developed using a somewhat older version of ERC than the latest release (it requires ‘erc-nets’ which was renamed ‘erc-networks’). Changing the (require 'erc-nets) to (require 'erc-networks) and (require 'erc-nickserv) to (require 'erc-services) should fix that.

I wrote a different, much simpler (16 line function) version of this that uses gist.el, available at – JohnWiegley