Ergo Movement mode is a global minor mode which defines ergonomic and easy cursor movement keys. The movement keys are:

            i                C-p
    M-    j k l    =    C-b  C-n  C-f 

    C-M-  j   l    =    M-b       M-f

This mode does not hard-code above keys to any commands. Instead it calls the commands which have been defined to their default counterparts. That is, M-l executes the command which is bound to C-f in the current keymap (usually forward-char), M-k executes the command which is bound to C-n in the current keymap (usually next-line) etc. This kind of relative binding is useful because major modes sometimes rebind the default movement keys to something other than forward-char, next-line etc. With Ergo Movement mode you always get the same commands with Ergo bindings as with the default cursor movement bindings.

Ergo Movement mode overrides certain default keybindings (M-jikl, C-M-jl). The overridden keys are resurrected as Shifted versions. That is, just add Shift key to the original keybinding the get the original command. For example, M-l (Meta + l) executes normally command downcase-word. With Ergo Movement mode it’s bound to M-L (Meta + Shift + l).


Wouldnt it be best to switch these bindings to the correspondents that they are mirroring instead of Shift key to get original? eg, C-f to M-l and the reverse is also true M-l to C-f. (feel free to put this dialog down there, i added it here cause i thought was the right place)

Circular relative bindings are not possible. In Ergo Movement mode M-l executes whatever command is bound to C-f. Technically speaking M-l is bound to

    (lambda () (interactive)
       (key-binding "\C-f")))

If you rebind C-f to some new command then Ergo mode’s M-l will execute that new command too.

You might try something like

  (let ((ergo-mode nil))
       (key-binding "\M-f")))

to get to the original key binding.

It might be a good idea long termwise to use something reminding of the corresponding bindings in viper/vi instead of the above bindings.

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