I have no business using emacs. I am a literary translator and have a hard enough time maintaining discipline without the bottomless sinkhole of twiddling that is emacs. But I love it desperately, with an unrequited love, and have moved all aspects of my computing life into it, now including the deadly trifecta of Gnus, Org, and BBDB. The translation I do could be done as easily in TextEdit (or Notepad, for that matter), but I justify my usage/abusage by employing emacs to maintain Paper Republic, a website (in Django) about Chinese-English translation. It’s unlikely I’d ever respond to a single email without the happy integration of Gnus and Org. My need to read/write Chinese in emacs has led me into the many dark and abandoned alleyways of unicode, and some truly awful experiences with Pinyin and Wubi. I’m on IRC as girzel. Stuff I’m sort of chewing through:

I may finish one or more of these projects before the age of retirement.

Welcome to the wiki. – DrewAdams

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