I use Emacs. I guess it really started in 1984, when I got my first Kaypro computer. It used the CP/M operating system and came with two word processors: WordStar and Perfect Writer. I used both of them quite a bit, and found out years later that Perfect Writer was an Emacs clone for CP/M: same look, feel, keybindings, commands, swap file, all the rest. Perfect Writer was nearly bulletproof software--you might lose a file in WordStar, but never in Perfect Writer.

I graduated to GNU Emacs when I switched to DOS a few years later, and have been using it ever since. Here are a few things I’ve tried to contribute to the Emacs community:

My home page is here:

Hello and welcome to the wiki! Funny that I wrote RenumberList just the other day. It is not very sophisticated, but somebody ;) could expand it… – AlexSchroeder
I read some of your Awk scripts not too long ago, and just came upon your “Emacs Tabs” document, and discovered it was authored by the same character. Keep on hacking. --AaronHawley