Eric Schulte (using Emacs since 2006)

Some elisp tools and packages on which I have worked... (many of which may be very old)

Org Babel

Org Babel implements source-code evaluation including the passing of data between source-code blocks, org-mode tables, and org-mode quoted examples. Org-mode with Org-babel is a kind of multi-language meta-functional programming spreadsheet cum executable document format which is suitable for taking executable notes, composing works of literate programming and reproducible research, or cobbling together multi-language prose and code frankensteins.


I’m the current maintainer for Rinari (A Minor Mode for working on Ruby on Rails projects), focusing on a small code footprint, quick navigation inside the rails project, and the execution of tests, consoles, and servers with output dumped into a proper compilation buffer.

ruby-compilation and inf-ruby

the latest version of which are best tracked in the util directory of rinari


Lisp:vm-thread.el adds collapsing of messages by thread to the ViewMail summary buffer


I’m working on a sgf-mode for editing sgf files, and playing GO which is still in the early stages.


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