Erik Hetzner <ehetzner (.) >

Thanks to all Emacs developers for all the fine software. WanderLust, JabberEl, EmacsIRCClient, & to all my favorite modes (NxmlMode).

My minor contributions: EmacsAtomApi, and Pases (Packaging system for Emacsen)

Hello and welcome! This is the first time I hear about Pases. You should make it more public. Just recently – 2008-01-12 – we talked about packaging systems and Pases did not come up. – AlexSchroeder\

Hi Alex.

I was waiting to put some finishing touches. I’ve just done a first release if you are interested in trying it out. I have not previously heard of ELPA. If I had I probably would not have developed Pases. Well, perhaps one or the other is the better system.