EtFb, aka Eric the Fruitbat

(real name Paul Sleigh, but that's much less widely used - and what is "real" anyway?)

Relatively new to Emacs, but familiar with LISP and Scheme. Tried XEmacs a while back but never got hooked; turned again to Emacs when existing text editors became too insanely frustrating to bear. Why Gnu Emacs instead of XEmacs? I have no idea; I guess because RMS is a much sexier man than JWZ, even if he doesn’t have his own nightclub.

Other geekish interests include programming languages (Delphi, Pascal, Prolog, XSLT, Forth, LISP, Scheme, PHP, Perl, PET/CBM Basic, 80x86 Assembler, and many more), Palm programming (Plua, PP, OnboardC, Quartus Forth, and of course LispMe), SCA heraldry, and web standards.

Welcome to the wiki. We’re not religious about using real names on this wiki. It does feel weird to talk to a fruitbat, though. ;) Notice how we handle IRC nicks, however: We use our “real” name on the wiki, and declare the nick as permanent anchor. Then following a link to the nick will lead you to the “real” page. – AlexSchroeder aka. kensanata