This page contains links to various users’ Emacs configurations.

Literate examples

Self-documenting Emacs configurations that make use of a mixture of Org and Emacs Lisp with literate programming techniques.

Other configurations

Where can I find more?

There’s lots more at:

Adding an example Emacs Configuration

When adding a new Emacs configuration to this page, please bear in mind the following:

  1. Lists are alphabetically sorted by author
  2. List items do not end with a period
  3. Add the config to the appropriate section; if it uses OrgMode to generate the main configuration files, then link it in OrgModeConfigs, otherwise add it to OtherConfigs
  4. Please start the item with the name of the author, to help with the alphabetical ordering
  5. Please add a brief summary; every Emacs configuration is different, why might someone want to look at this one?

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