Hi, I use Emacs since two years thanks to my dear friend Rastandy.

I love programming in Emacs Lisp and do everything with this powerful editor. Because of that I wrote an extension to create and manage my blog in it. It is called lisplog and you can find it here in emacswiki,lisplog, or <http://www.salug.it/~fabioviola/lisplog-0.1.el>.

I hope you enjoy it and I hope to learn something more about this wonderful world!

My blog is <http://dotemacs.blogspot.com>

If you want you can contact me on: fabioviola [at] jabber [dot] org or you can find valvo on freenode in channels #lisp and #emacs with the nickname “valvola

Benvenuto al wiki! – AlexSchroeder