This is a proof-of-concept to see how adding file properties in the form of “tags” and “comments” to files from Emacs, could work. The ideas are borrowed from the tag support in Tumme and a recent discussion in made me hack this together.

The functionality is still quite limited but I will hopefully add more useful features to it. Feedback is appreciated.

Here is the code:



Place the source file in your ‘load-path’.

Put the following in your .emacs file:

 (require 'file-props)

If you want to activate display of comment and tags for Dired, put this in your .emacs as well:


To setup convenient Dired keybindings, put this:



Adding tags

In dired, mark a couple of files and type

 M-x file-props-dired-add-tags RET.

There are three ways to enter tags. The default is to separate multiple tags with a comma. You can customize how to enter tags with the option ‘file-props-read-tag-multi-method’.

You can add tags to the currently open file:

 M-x file-props-add-tags-to-current-file RET

Enter tags in the same way as described above.

You can also add a comment to the files by doing this:

 M-x file-props-dired-add-comment RET

Finding files


 M-x file-props-find-tags-dired RET.

Enter a tag and type RET.

You will be presented with a dired buffer containing the files having the tag you searched for. The default directory for the Dired buffer will be the same that was set when you executed the command.

Edit properties

Since version 0.1.2 there is a new mode for editing both comment and tags. Mark a number of files in Dired and execute ‘file-props-dired-edit’ and you will be presented with a buffer where you can edit the data.

See also Bookmark Tags.

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