I use GNU Emacs as distributed by CarbonEmacs, on the Mac.

RubyTestMode – a test runner with clickable backtraces for failures and errors.

Welcome to the wiki! CarbonEmacsPackage for the win. :)AlexSchroeder

Have you seen autotest.el? how does RubyTestMode compare? I fly with autotest but I’d love to see ways to enhance the experience. --RyanDavis

I became aware of it when I had my own solution already. I haven’t had a deeper look at it, but I think it has clickable traces as well like ruby-test.el IIRC, but one thing I really wanted was to have “re-run the last test,” if I’m elsewhere by then. I will add a link to it from the page. --FlorianEbeling

I just realize that you are the author of autotest.el :) So I don’t have to tell you anything about it. What I did do is write a brief feature list for RubyTestMode, so people can get a better idea up front. I added a link from RubyTestMode to autotest.el to make people aware of this alternative as well. Let me add that I did’t start mine because I was unhappy with your’s, I just was ignorant. And then at some point I thought it was worth sharing. --FlorianEbeling

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