I use both folding and font-lock.

Having a C++ file with >7000 lines and many folds, fontifying the buffer takes a lot of time (10-20 sec). Opening a fold takes long as well.

The problem is with font-lock, since without it, there’s almost no delay.

What can I do? Both fast-lock and lazy-lock don’t improve the situation.

    (global-font-lock-mode t)
    (setq font-lock-maximum-decoration t
	  font-lock-maximum-size nil)
    (setq font-lock-support-mode 'fast-lock-mode ; lazy-lock-mode
          fast-lock-cache-directories '("~/.emacs-flc"))

Thanks – Dirk

Try profiling the font-lock and its support mode packages to try and see where the bottle-neck is. Doing M-x elp-instrument-package RET font-lock RET and similarly for fast-lock and lazy-lock. Will give you some idea where Emacs is spending most of its time.

After you’ve run with font-lock for a bit, do M-x elp-results RET to check the length of time each function takes to be called.

Also, have you looked at jit-lock, it’s new in Emacs 21, and, I believe, improves slightly over lazy-lock-mode.

Additionally, it seems like you haven’t customised the various lazy-lock variables to try and make it work more efficiently. As an example, a snippet from my .emacs:

(cond (emacs-20-p
       ;; do lazy locking, it's quicker
       (setq font-lock-support-mode 'lazy-lock-mode)
       ;; more font-locking, variables for `lazy-lock-mode'
       ;; wait 10 secs before font-locking stuff
       (setq lazy-lock-defer-time 10
	     ;; don't font lock as I type
	     lazy-lock-defer-on-the-fly t
	     ;; If I'm not doing stuff, start fontifying 
             ;; the rest of the buffer
	     lazy-lock-stealth-time 30))
       ;; emacs 21 has jit-lock which is better
       (setq font-lock-support-mode 'jit-lock-mode)
       (setq jit-lock-stealth-time 16
	     jit-lock-defer-contextually t
	     jit-lock-stealth-nice 0.5)
       (setq-default font-lock-multiline t)))

Hope that helps a bit. – LawrenceMitchell

These are the top lines of what M-x elp-results RET gives me:

Function Name                                                Call Count      Elapsed Time  Average Time
===========================================================  ==========  ============  ============
font-lock-after-change-function                              20          83.458816     4.1729408
font-lock-fontify-region                                     20          83.450108     4.1725054
font-lock-default-fontify-region                             20          83.449750000  4.1724875000
font-lock-fontify-keywords-region                            20          81.431005     4.07155025
font-lock-fontify-syntactically-region                       20          1.9719430000  0.0985971500
font-lock-match-c++-style-declaration-item-and-skip-to-next  6923        1.2429410000  0.0001795379
font-lock-mode                                               1           0.242115      0.242115

It seems that can’t change it. Or? – Dirk

It would appear not. A few things you might try are:

If you still have problems, it might be worth posting to where there might be more font-lock wizards around to help.

Thanks, I’ve set font-lock-maximum-decoration to a lower value, and if flies now! Thanks again. – Dirk