This is a subpage of CategoryFrames and CategoryModes. It describes frame setups, frame commands, and frame functions.

Shrink-Wrapped Frames

These libraries provide functions that resize frames so they fit their buffer(s):

Use these libraries especially if you use frames, instead of Emacs windows, by default – that is, if you have (setq pop-up-frames t).

See Shrink-Wrapping Frames for more information.

Custom Frames Setup

Library oneonone.el makes Emacs more frame-oriented. See OneOnOneEmacs for more information. Here is a summary:

This is the only frame to have a minibuffer. By default, it is automatically sized to the full width of your display and placed at the bottom of the display. It changes background color, depending on what you’re doing: searching, typing in the minibuffer, or nothing (inactive).

This library is especially useful if used in combination with libraries autofit-frame.el, which automatically fits frames to their selected window (buffer), and fit-frame.el, which lets you fit a frame manually or resize it incrementally. See ShrinkWrappedFrames.

Note: Because Emacs is not really designed to be frame-oriented, there are some built-in and standard functions that produce less-than-desirable results when frames, instead of windows, are the default. In other libraries, I have fixed most of these functions to play well with this library. See the libraries by DrewAdams that are named <file>-.el and <file>+.el, where <file> is the name of a standard Emacs library.

The properties of all frames are user-configurable using variables.

Frame Commands

This section describes commands (interactive functions) dealing with frames.


Library frame-cmds.el is a library of frame commands. Using the suggested key bindings, you can:

These are the commands in frame-cmds.el:

fit-frame.el, autofit-frame.el

For commands to resize a frame to fit its selected window, see libraries fit-frame.el and autofit-frame.el (and more info at Shrink-Wrapping Frames). In Windows, library fit-frame.el also has commands to maximize and restore a frame.

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