I’m Francesc Rocher. I used Emacs in the late 80’s at the university, under VMS. During some time I used Jed and other editors and IDE’s. I lacked the power of Emacs, so I switched back to XEmacs and finally again to Emacs.

Things I use it for:

Welcome to the wiki! :)AlexSchroeder

Recent Work: QWE

I’m about to make publicly available QWE, QWE's not WEB for Emacs, a proof of concept tool to introduce some format (or visual elements or document structure) in program documentation. QWE aims to be used as a kind of literate programming system based on a lightweight markup language with quasi-WYSIWYG support. I’m using it for many years in my own work, even QWE itself. Its development started back in 2004, but never has been made public, yet. I need more time to review some concepts, implement new functionality and to improve its overall implementation. But is time to publish a beta release … soon.

Technically, QWE is a Emacs minor mode to be used in conjunction with a major mode, usually a programming-language major mode (c-mode, c++-mode, Makefile, sh, Java, Ada, etc). QWE elements are independent of the programming language used. The only requirement is that the programming language must support inline comments, those that use a newline character to indicate the end of the comment, and a delimiter to indicate its beginning.

QWE can be only tested under Emacs-23.1, and unfortunately it doesn’t works for Xemacs, no version, no exception.

Currently QWE is in its 0.9.5 version, quite stable and usable, but with a lot of work to do. There is no downloadable version, yet, but be sure I’ll announce here as soon

I include here some screen-shots to show you how it looks like. The examples below are not concerned to a program, but to a document.

First, The Presentation

Two images used here: the logo and the first line.


The Second Example

This example summarizes QWE features:


Different Views

Here I include some screen-shots of the same Emacs buffer shown in different modes. The first one is pure ASCII:


As soon as you activate ‘qwe-mode’ you get this view:


Once in ‘qwe-mode’, QWE elements can be shown as text:


Or can be shown as little labels:


Links and character-formatting elements can be shown as text, as well:


That’s all for now. Comments, suggestions and criticisms are welcome, as well as volunteers to test QWE.


Did you invent a new markup syntax? There are several established and well known textual markup syntaxes like Markdown, Textile, etc. It would be better if you used one of them as a base and extended it as appropriate. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.