OrgMode is great for storing and structuring ideas, hints etc. But what about if you want to present them to other people? Or if you want to cooperate with someone who does not speak Emacs but uses FreeMind?

Then you might want to use the little lisp library below to convert between OrgMode and FreeMind mindmapping files.

It used to be a part of nXhtml, but now it is included in OrgMode and Emacs. Load it with:

  (require 'ox-freemind.el)

Nice code but it seems that the conversions is not usable DanielMartins

It used to work, but probably something has changed in freemind. Are you using RC1 of freemind? Could you perhaps see what is wrong in the conversions?

I just converted an entire .org file to .mm and opened it in FreeMind 0.8.1 with no problem.

However, I just spent a lot of time figuring out why one .org subtree converted using freemind-from-org-mode-node would not open in FreeMind.

It turned out the top node was not being closed at the end of the file. I added a </node> tag before the </map> tag and then the map opened perfectly in FreeMind. - KristinaSpurgin

freemind-to-org-mode may have problem of failing with xml-tag-parsing from xml.el with my Freemind file converted from org-mode with freemind-from-org-mode with heavy manual editing in Freemind 0.9.0 RC4. The error was error: “XML: (Not Well-Formed) Invalid end tag (expecting p) at pos 143876”. After I made all nodes in the Freemind file to be of plain style, then the conversion worked.

I traced the code of xml.el xml-parse-tag, where the error occurred, I could not find any clue of the source of the problem. It seemed to me that the XML expression under examination is correct by my naked eye.

I’m using emacs 23.0.9, but I tried emacs 22, the problem is the same, but at slight different position of the xml file. 6/29/2009 07:48 YuShen

It seems that freemind-from-org-mode would make the Chines text becoming corrupted after the conversion in the resulted freemind mind map file, please advise how I can solve the problem. 6/29/2009 07:54 YuShen

I don’t user either software, but one thing you might want to check out is the XML declaration at the very top of the file. It might read something like this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> – but this is only correct if your file is actually UTF-8 encoded. Since you’re using Chinese, perhaps you need to change the encoding in the XML declaration to match your actual file. – AlexSchroeder

Maybe I would easily find freemind.el if I were a boyscout, but unfortunately I am not. Maybe a direct link would help. – Henry Atting

Added a direct link. 😊 – AlexSchroeder, former boyscout!

Thanks for adding the direct link. I did not believe it was possible yet. I filed a bug report, but that there is a solution now for it has not reach me yet, wonder why …

VIa the link to the nXhtml repository there is no sign of freemind.el Anybody can point me towards the file? - Raoul

in emacs lisp/org/org-frremind.el A new freemind exporter has been integrated with Org-mode org-freemind.el has a number of entry points (for details, see the source code), but you can also use Org’s C-c C-e m to export a file or a selected subtree. Thanks to Lennart Borgman for this contribution. An earlier version of this file was part of the nxhtml package, under the name freemind.el.

Thanks, found it there. I cant figure out how to enable it, though. Copy paste it in my init.el file? Or just drop the whole freemind.el in my .emacs.d folder? EDIT: copied the whole freemind.el into my init.el file. I can acces M-x org-freemind-from-org-mode now, but the resulting file gives an error on opening….?

There might be some trouble with the old version freemind.el, get the new one from the Emacs source repository. You can browse that on Launchpad

You should load the file with (require ‘org-freemind.el).

At this time, on ubuntu lucid, in addition to installing the emacs23 package, which comes with its own org mode support, you will also need to install the org-mode package itself (sudo apt-get install org-mode), which will have freemind export available (C-c C-e m) - Nuno Sucena Almeida

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