GitHub offers “powerful collaboration, review, and code management for open source and private development projects.”

See Gists to transclude code snippets to the wiki.

See Git for more about Emacs support for git.

gh.el is a GitHub client library for Emacs. It is used for magit-gh-pulls to manage pull requests in Magit.

org-protocol-github-lines is a package to add “Emacs buttons” to the github webpage (using a Greasemonkey/user script). The button will open the corresponding file in Emacs using org-protocol (provided by OrgMode).

gist.el provides Emacs integration for

browse-at-remote.el opens target github webpage in browser from emacs buffers

git-link Get the GitHub/Bitbucket/GitLab/… URL for a buffer location

github-notifier.el displays your GitHub unread notifications count in the mode-line

copy-as-format Copy buffer locations as GitHub/Slack/JIRA/HipChat… formatted code

issue-link Get the link to JIRA/Tracker/GitHub issues. Turn bug/feature/issue IDs into links.