I live in Brazil, with a son and a woman.

My interests are computers, robots, nature, and sports like surfing and skating.

I am learning EmacsLisp and CommonLisp and Scheme. Emacs is a really nice platform to learn these things that’s why my interest is in it. I also do some computer graphics related stuff with software like Blender and Wings and someday i want to hack on it but i dont know C or CPlusPlus enough to do it and Scheme/Lisp is not so hard with begginers. So i am here to learn basically, and also for customizing emacs to be more helpfull in accomplishing these tasks.



hehheheh, im not spamming, sorry if looked so.

ok, lets try to make a proper presentation. – GlauberPrado

I think somebody assumed you were a spammer because you only linked to your Web site that contained nothing. We’re happy you persevered and started your page again here. Welcome! – AaronHawley

No problems, i did that in a hurry he was right to think of it as spam, nowadays…and thanks for being so receptive i truly appreciated it. – GlauberPrado

It was I – sorry about that. And welcome! – DrewAdams

Thanks, i appreciate your job with emacs! – greboide