In this page, we are providing methods/tools to interact with Google Drive Docs. Our need can be divided into these 2 components:

  1. A tool for synchronizing Google Drive contents on the local filesystem with the Google Drive cloud.
  2. A way to edit Google Docs using Emacs

Note that Google Doc files aren’t plain-text. So, they have to be converted to a suitable format for editing by Emacs. A popular way to do this is to convert Google Docs to Markdown/rST using pandoc and then edit it using Emacs. After editing, it is then again converted back to Google Docs using pandoc.

Using GoogleCL

You can use this commandline program to edit a Google Doc with your local EDITOR:

  google docs list
  google docs edit --title "title of Google Doc you wish to edit"

I put the following in my .bashrc:

    alias gdl='google docs list'
    gde() {
	google docs edit --title "$@"
    export EDITOR=/home/bshanks/bin/myemacsclient


UPDATE (12 May 2017)

GoogleCL has been broken since 2015. See the official Google Announcement:

However, there is a fork of the project, which probably is working:

Using GDrive

Another option using gdrive (requires helm for completion)

    (defvar gdocs-folder-id "<gdrive folder for exported docs>"
     "location for storing org to gdocs exported files, use 'gdrive list  -t <foldername>' to find the id")
    (defun gdoc-export-buffer ()
      "Export current buffer as google doc to folder identified by gdocs-folder-id"
      (format "gdrive upload --convert --mimetype text/plain --parent %s --file %s"
          gdocs-folder-id buffer-file-name)))
    (defun gdoc-import-buffer (doc)
       "Import a file in gdocs-folder-id into current buffer"
          (completing-read "Choose one: "
                       (format "gdrive list -q \"'%s' in parents\"" gdocs-folder-id)) "\n"))))
      (insert (replace-regexp-in-string (string ?\C-m) (string ?\C-j) (shell-command-to-string
      (format "gdrive download -s --format txt --id %s" (car (split-string doc " ")))))))