Google Chrome

Google Chrome and Google Chromium are WebKit based browsers with a souped up JavaScript engine for running complex web-apps.

Integrating with Emacs

You can use Emacs to edit textareas in the manner of It’s All Text using the Edit with Emacs Chrom(ium) extension. It comes with its own elisp based “Edit Server” to respond to edit requests from Chrome without needing to use emacsclient.

Get it from here

For emacs keybindings of browser functions, see:

Atomic Chrome for Emacs

The Atom fans have implemented an extension to talk to Chrome over a websocket. The same extension can be used to interface Chrome with Emacs.

As mentioned on the github page, there are a few advantages over Edit with Emacs

To complete the Emacs side of the setup, you need the atomic-chrome package which is available on melpa.