Bookmark Jumping

I could not figure out how to give bookmark-menu-jump an event to simulate the menu it is normally called from so I hacked together this:

    (defun my-bookmark-menu-jump ()
      (bookmark-jump (x-popup-menu 
                      (list '(400 200) (selected-window)) 
                       "Select bookmark" 
    (global-set-key "\C-cb" 'my-bookmark-menu-jump)

Now I can happily jump to a bookmark using the arrow keys (no, I don’t like the normal bookmark-jump because it does not work like iswitchb does). If anyone knows how to avoid this hack or how to get the menu center regardless of screen resolution, please enhance the function above.

Emacs 22

The above appears not to work in emacs 22.

I was able to get it to work by using:

    (global-set-key [C-down-mouse-1] (lambda (e)
                                   (interactive "e")
                                   (bookmark-jump (bookmark-menu-popup-paned-menu 
                                     "Select bookmark"

Using iswitchb

Here is an example how you can use ‘iswitchb’ to jump to bookmark:

    (defun my-switch-to-bookmark (bname)
      "Interactively switch to bookmark as `iswitchb' does."
      (interactive (list (flet ((iswitchb-make-buflist
    				 (setq iswitchb-buflist (bookmark-all-names))))
    			   (iswitchb-read-buffer "Jump to bookmark: "))))
      (bookmark-jump bname))