Here is how to split the frame into multiple windows using a grid layout:

(defun split-window-multiple-ways (x y)
  "Split the current frame into a grid of X columns and Y rows."
  (interactive "nColumns: \nnRows: ")
  ;; one window
  (dotimes (i (1- x))
      (dotimes (j (1- y))
      (other-window y))
  (dotimes (j (1- y))

Try it:

(split-window-multiple-ways 3 4)

The problem is that all of the windows will show the same buffer. You probably want to distribute your buffers amongst the open windows next. Here are some functions that can assign windows in the grid to buffers.

(autoload 'windmove-find-other-window "windmove"
"Return the window object in direction DIR.

\(fn dir &optional arg window)")

(declare-function windmove-find-other-window "windmove" (dir &optional arg window))

(defun get-window-in-frame (x y &optional frame)
  "Find Xth horizontal and Yth vertical window from top-left of FRAME."
  (let ((orig-x x) (orig-y y)
        (w (frame-first-window frame)))
    (while (and (windowp w) (> x 0))
      (setq w (windmove-find-other-window 'right 1 w)
            x (1- x)))
    (while (and (windowp w) (> y 0))
      (setq w (windmove-find-other-window 'down 1 w)
            y (1- y)))
    (unless (windowp w)
      (error "No window at (%d, %d)" orig-x orig-y))

(defun set-window-buffer-in-frame (x y buffer &optional frame)
  "Set Xth horizontal and Yth vertical window to BUFFER from top-left of FRAME."
  (set-window-buffer (get-window-in-frame x y frame) buffer))

This is what you could add to your InitFile to customize your window configuration when Emacs opens.

(defun my-reset-windows ()
  "Bring back 3x3 window configuration with my favorite buffers."
  (split-window-multiple-ways 3 3)
  (set-window-buffer-in-frame 0 0 (get-buffer "*scratch*"))
  (set-window-buffer-in-frame 1 0 (find-file-noselect "~/.emacs"))
  (set-window-buffer-in-frame 2 0 (get-buffer "#emacs"))
  (set-window-buffer-in-frame 0 1 (get-buffer "*info*"))
  (set-window-buffer-in-frame 1 1 (get-buffer "*Calendar*"))
  (set-window-buffer-in-frame 2 1 (dired "~/"))
  (set-window-buffer-in-frame 0 2 (eshell))
  (set-window-buffer-in-frame 1 2 (get-buffer "*Messages*"))
  (set-window-buffer-in-frame 2 2 (get-buffer "*ielm*")))

By Major Mode

(defun show-buffers-with-major-mode (mode)
  "Fill all windows of the current frame with buffers using major-mode MODE."
   (let* ((modes (loop for buf being the buffers
		       collect (symbol-name (with-current-buffer buf
     (list (intern (completing-read "Mode: " modes)))))
  (let ((buffers (loop for buf being the buffers
		       when (eq mode (with-current-buffer buf
		       collect buf)))
    (dolist (win (window-list))
      (when buffers
	(show-buffer win (car buffers))
	(setq buffers (cdr buffers))))))

If you use rcirc to chat on IRC, use the following:

(show-buffers-with-major-mode 'rcirc-mode)