when i read my old code, i find it pleasant when it is either scheme or elisp, sort of so-so w/ sh and C, out of sorts w/ perl and python, and wretched and tormented w/ C++. ymmv of course. – ThienThiNguyen on the guile-users list [1]

Guile, a dialect of Scheme, is the native language of the GNU standard extension language interpreter (

The GuileEmacs project is to replace Emacs’s Elisp engine with Guile’s implementation of Elisp, and get Scheme support (and other languages) in parallel, because Guile supports Elisp as one of its front-end languages for its VM/IL. This project finally shows some very encouraging progress as of lately (2014-08 now and the Elisp engine is essentially replaced).

See GuileIde for editing Guile code in Emacs and using Emacs to interact with inferior Guile interpreter processes.