NOTE: The text below is from 2008. For a full Guile IDE, you probably just want to checko out

Options for editing Guile code and interacting with an inferior Guile process (for evaluating expressions, source debugging, etc.) from within Emacs include:

Of course none of these provide the Guile programmer with tools that work as well as those available to the EmacsLisp programmer, such as EdebugMode and LispInteractionMode, but that’s because Guile runs as an inferior process. If you would prefer to use EmacsLisp and supporting tools, you know where to find them (I hear tell there’s even an editor built around them, called Emacs or something). (Note that replacing EmacsLisp with Guile, or GuileEmacs, is a somewhat different thing, since it concerns the Guile interpreter that is running Emacs and not inferior Guile processes.)

Please add your approach suggestions and wishlist items for an Emacs-based Guile “interactive development environment” (IDE) to this page.