A heap is a form of efficient self-sorting tree (sometimes called a priority queue). In particular, the root node is guaranteed to be the highest-ranked entry in the tree. (The comparison function used for ranking the data can, of course, be freely defined). They are often used as priority queues, for scheduling tasks in order of importance.

The latest version (0.2.2, released April 2012) can be obtained from:

The development version is hosted in the same git repository as PredictiveMode. Note that the git repository URL is a git repository, not a web-site. You cannot view it in a web browser. To grab the latest development version, clone the repository using:

  git clone http://www.dr-qubit.org/git/predictive.git

Please send bug reports and suggestions to toby-predictive@dr-qubit.org (you can post them here as well if you like, of course). I don’t check this page regularly, so anything not emailed to me is likely to languish here unnoticed for some time.



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