Type a pattern and all the matching lines are shown in another buffer. Add more words to cull the list. Quickly move through the locations in that list by moving up and down. Uses Helm. Source is available on GitHub.

Helm Swoop

Overlap with HelmOccur

Some common use-cases of HelmSwoop are available in vanilla ‘helm-occur’ itself:

Default `thing-at-point' as initial value

‘helm-sources-using-default-as-input’ controls this behaviour. By default, ‘helm-occur’ starts with the ‘thing-at-point’ if it is available.

Cursor follows the selected occurence

Put the following in your InitFile:

(defmethod helm-setup-user-source ((source helm-source-multi-occur))
  (setf (slot-value source 'follow) 1))

Invoke `helm-occur' from `isearch'

Put the following in your InitFile:

(define-key isearch-mode-map (kbd "M-s o") 'helm-occur-from-isearch)