Use ‘C-x w p’ to highlight a string in the current buffer.

‘hi-lock-mode’ minor mode bindings starting with ‘C-x w’:

 key             binding
 C-x w b         hi-lock-write-interactive-patterns
 C-x w r         unhighlight-regexp
 C-x w h         highlight-regexp
 C-x w p         highlight-phrase
 C-x w l         highlight-lines-matching-regexp
 C-x w i         hi-lock-find-patterns

Starting with emacs 23.1, the hi-lock shortcuts are now:

 M-s h w         hi-lock-write-interactive-patterns
 M-s h u         unhighlight-regexp
 M-s h r         highlight-regexp
 M-s h p         highlight-phrase
 M-s h l         highlight-lines-matching-regexp
 M-s h f         hi-lock-find-patterns

The shortcut M-s h r now also works in isearch mode.

See also: HighlightTemporarily.

Problem on XEmacs

This doesn’t work with XEmacs - The following was posted to comp.emacs.xemacs by Kilian A. Foth:

 (defface highlight-regexp-face
   '((t (:foreground "#ff0000")))
   "face for highlight-regexp.")
 (defun highlight-regexp (regexp &optional face property)
   "Highlight all text matching a regexp.
 FACE defaults to a combination of red on white.
 All extents created by this function have the property 'highlight.
 If non-NIL, PROPERTY is also added to each extent.
 Returns the number of instances highlighted."
   (interactive "sRegexp: ")
     (let ((num 0))
       (while (re-search-forward regexp nil t)
         (incf num)
          (match-beginning 0) (match-end 0) face property))
       (message "%d match%s" num (if (= num 1) "" "es"))
 (defun highlight-range (from to &optional face property)
   "Highlight specific range of current buffer.
 FACE defaults to a combination of red on white.
 All extents created by this function have the property 'highlight.
 If PROPERTY is a symbol, it is added to each extent with
 the value t. If PROPERTY is a plist, it is merged into the extent."
   (let ((ext (make-extent from to))
         (f face))
     (when (null f) (setq f 'highlight-regexp-face))
     (set-extent-property ext 'highlight t)
     (set-extent-face ext f)
     (set-extent-mouse-face ext f)
      ((listp property)
       (set-extent-properties ext property))
      ((not (null property))
       (set-extent-property ext property t)))))
 (defun downlight-regexp (regexp)
   "Remove highlighted extents matching REGEXP."
   (interactive "sRegexp: ")
    (lambda (ext maparg)
      (when (string-match
              (extent-start-position ext)
              (extent-end-position ext)))
        (delete-extent ext)))
    (current-buffer) (point-min) (point-max) nil nil 'highlight))
 (defun no-highlight ()
   "Remove all extents set by highlight-regexp."
    (lambda (ext maparg)
      (delete-extent ext))
    (current-buffer) (point-min) (point-max) nil nil 'highlight))

Show all the hi-lock-ed lines

I use this snippet to analyze complex log files. It is colored multiple ‘occur’ in a sense. – rubikitch

(defun hi-lock-show-all ()
  "Show all lines in the current buffer containing a overlay of hi-lock."
  (let ((newbuf (format "*hi-lock:%s*" (buffer-name)))
        (hide-start (point-min)))
    (when (get-buffer newbuf) (kill-buffer newbuf))
    (clone-indirect-buffer-other-window newbuf t)
    (with-current-buffer newbuf
      (goto-char (point-min))
      (dolist (bol (save-excursion
                      (mapcar (lambda (ov)
                                (goto-char (overlay-start ov))
                              (ee-flatten (overlay-lists))) '<)))
        (goto-char bol)
        (outline-flag-region hide-start bol t)
        (forward-line 1)
        (setq hide-start (point))))
    (outline-flag-region hide-start (point-max) t)
    (goto-char (point-min))
    (view-mode 1)))

(defun hi-lock-overlay-p (overlay)
  "Return the overlay if overlay is a hi-lock overlay."
  (if (and (overlayp overlay) 
	   (eq (overlay-get overlay 'hi-lock-overlay) t))

Problem with hl-line

hl-line (see HighlightCurrentLine) overrides the background of hi-lock’ed text. This is annoying if you have dark-on-light hi-lock faces and a dark background hl-line face (or vice-versa). The following works around this issue:

(defadvice hi-lock-set-pattern (around use-overlays activate)
  (let ((font-lock-fontified nil))

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