Automatic selection of a language

The language used on this wiki depends on the language preferences of your browser, and these usually depend on the setup of your operating system.

If you visit you will see a main page corresponding to your language preferences, if it exists. If it doesn’t, you will see the English main page, SiteMap.

Further, the title of the table of contents, the output of the Oddmuse:UseDiff and Oddmuse:Rollback Extension appear in the language of the last person who edited the page, not the language specified by your browser. This is because OddMuse uses the same language variable in the environment for producing these localized texts.

See LanguageIdentification for how the language of a page is identified for languge-specific RecentChanges.

Note that all the various languages are in a single wiki. There are not enough non-English pages to warrant a separate wiki.

How to change default language persistently

If you follow the English link on the SiteMap, you should end up on the English script.

You can also use the English prefix (eg. English:DrewAdams) to specifically link to a page using the English interface.

If you want readers following a link to the wiki to use a particular interface, use the ISO language code in the URL: will use the English interface.

How to translate a page

See TranslationHelp.