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Howm allows you to take notes fragmentarily and browse them collectively. It has hyperlinks and full-text search like EmacsWikiMode. It is a minor mode and can be combined with other modes.

There is no distinction between pages - each record can be arbitrarily timestamped, hyperlinked, and displayed with other related pages in one buffer, if needed. Quite convenient if one wants what did he put in about X, and next day - what was marked as Y. Very practical tool for organizing notes into ad-hoc searchable ontology.

The interesting thing about this mode is that it doesn’t only have “normal” forward pointing links – it also has backwards pointing links:

Goto link: These can point to keywords or to filenames.

      >>> ~/BabyloniaWave.txt
      >>> highway planet

Come-from link: These can point “from” keywords.

      <<< crystal star cluster

The string ‘crystal star cluster’ in all other files will now automatically point here.

Todo and Notifiers are created as you type and displayed in a separate buffer according to the importance, so you can click and see the context of the appontment.

The format is as follows:

[YYYY-MM-DD]- sink after the date (reminder)

[YYYY-MM-DD]+ float after the date (todo)

[YYYY-MM-DD]! float until the date (deadline)

As for recurring scheduled tasks, you can simply list them 😊

      [2005-06-13]@ hogehoge
      [2005-06-20]@ hogehoge
      [2005-06-27]@ hogehoge
      [2005-07-04]@ hogehoge

A method to input such lists is described in

Thanks to SebastianBlatt for this question; it was not documented in English. I am lazy and tend to leave problems until someone gives comments. --khi
That’s pretty convenient, thanks! One more question, though: is it possible to get howm to query the diary file or abuse diary-lib (diary-mode supports cyclic tasks and also has a nice entry format to specify e.g. the third Monday of August), so that I wouldn’t have to enter holidays by hand every year? …yes, I know I’m lazy. 😊 --SebastianBlatt

Some codes to integrate howm and diary are found in (Please search the word “mark-calendar” in this page). I expect everyone can read elisp part at least.

To simplify things for others, I’ve pasted the code at HowmAndCalendar. --DavidOtoole

These codes provide the below features.

(calendar to howm)

(howm to calendar)

I have a question: is it possible to show and maybe highlight “missed” appointments in the Schedule section? That is, appointments of the form “[date]@ text” that were not explicitly finished by hitting RET on the “@”? --SebastianBlatt

This should work. --khi

    ;; show schedule items in menu...
    (setq howm-menu-schedule-days-before (* 365 30)) ;; from (today - X days)
    (setq howm-menu-schedule-days 7) ;; to (today + Y days)

Highlighting is not available at now. How about “separators” instead?

    (setq howm-menu-reminder-separators
            ;; missed
            (-1  . "----------- m -----------------")
            ;; today
            (0   . "----------- 0 -----------------")
            ;; 1-3 days
            (3   . "----------- 3 -----------------")
            ;; 3-7 days
            (nil . "----------- t -----------------")
            ;; todo


Is there any way to have “templates” in howm ? I mean, I’d like to create all my notes and put them in a “inbox” category (goto-link) so that I could review them easily at each end of day ? Also, is there any possibility exclude certain tags when searching for notes ? – XavierMaillard

Yes. Please read docstring of the variable ‘howm-template’. You can exclude certain notes by typing C-u f contents RET or C-u f summary RET in howmS buffer. – khi

Yes, I have seen it after having asked it here … – XavierMaillard

I already have a directory of notes. Can howm-mode take it from there ? ychaouche


Answere from khi:

; howm-mode :)
;; search other directories in addition to `howm-directory'.
(setq howm-search-path '("/path/to/notes/directory" "/path/to/other/notes/directory"))
(setq howm-search-other-dir t)


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