From its documentation:

GNU Hyperbole (pronounced Hi-per-bo-lee) is a mature, efficient, and programmable hypertextual information management and outliner system for GNU Emacs.

GNU Hyperbole is available as a quick install package from GNU ELPA. The project home page is https://www.gnu.org/software/hyperbole. That page includes screenshots, download and installation instructions, and resource links.

A major new release of Hyperbole, version 7, the Git Ready for Action Release, was released on November 15, 2017. It includes easily embeddable cross-references to git and Github objects, social media hashtag and user page links, rapid drags for displaying buffers and files in any desired window and window grids for displaying many buffers/files in a specified grid of windows, e.g. 3 rows by 5 columns.

Hyperbole’s major capabilities include:

  • Info Management: an interactive, unstructured textual information management interface
  • HyControl: the fastest and easiest-to-use window and frame control
  • HyRolo: a hierarchical contact manager with free-form records and fast retrieval
  • KoutlineMode: advanced outliner with multi-level autonumbering
  • Button Types: set of hyper-button types which supply core hypertext and other behaviors
  • Programming Library: library classes for system developers who want to integrate with Hyperbole.

From RSW, author of GNU Hyperbole:

People often ask us about the differences between Org mode and Hyperbole. Although on the surface this comes up a lot, once you use both of these, you’ll quickly see how different they are. Hyperbole and Org mode can be used together, e.g. Hyperbole’s Smart Keys work in Org mode, or separately; there is no need to choose. Here is a contrast of the two, for those interested.

Q: I would like to see a comparison between the various Information Management tools and Hyperbole. Could anyone comment on this?

Q: Am I right if I assume that the major components of Hyperbole are something similar to outline minor mode + the ability to create links to different places (a position in a file for example)? In that case I think that OrgMode can do the same things very good. And that already comes with Emacs 22. New control of windowing, if as described, may be very exciting. Exact position of windows and such. As of the libraries of text files, I think I’ve used files of Org links for that, but never got them to “search and retrieve” as described. I doubt the new incarnation of Hyperbole would replace Org, but if they merge as the above kind of predicts, this could be very useful.

A merger of Org, Hyperbole/Koutline, Muse, and Info modes would be perfect, sort of a „unified documentation project mode”, or a replacement for the very aged and limited Info system.