This is an add-on library for ProjectBufferMode.

iproject stands for Interactive Project; based on the project-buffer-mode; it provides an interactive way to create projects.

Quick Start

Simply creates a new project using ‘iproject-new’ (C-x p n); then add new projects using ‘iproject-add-project’ (C-c n).

Once the project is created it is possible to add extra files to the current project using ‘iproject-add-files-to-current-project’ (C-c +).

iproject will ask the user for command lines (with default values based on the selected project type) to run each user action which are: build/clean/run/debug and update. These command lines will be stored in the project but also saved with the project.

To install it

Add the following line to your .emacs:

(require 'iproject)