This page and its linked pages describe Icicles, an Emacs library that enhances minibuffer completion, that is, input completion. This page lists the main Icicles features and presents entry points to all of the Icicles doc.

Main Icicles Features

Not a bad summary, by one user:

“In case you never heard of it, Icicles is to ‘TAB’ completion what ‘TAB’ completion is to typing things manually every time.” [1]

Icicles lets you do the following:

As you can see, keywords here include match, complete, input, multiple, regexp, cycle, incremental, browse, and sets. You will see these concepts appear over and over in Icicles, with multiple meanings, combinations, and applications. They are the atoms that Icicles combines for chemistry that can help you use Emacs better.

Icicles is very general, and these concepts give it a wide reach. Icicles has lots for Emacs users and lots for EmacsLisp programmers – its application is limited only by your imagination. Have fun!

Obtaining and Installing Icicles

See Icicles - Libraries for how to obtain the Icicles library files. Then:

  1. Put those files in a directory that is in your ‘load-path’.
  2. Load Icicles: ‘M-x load library RET icicles RET’.
  3. Turn on Icicle mode: ‘M-x icy-mode RET’.

You’re good to go. You can use ‘M-x icy-mode RET’ at any time to turn Icicle mode on and off.

If you want to load Icicles each time you start Emacs, then put code in your init file to set your `load-path' appropriately and load Icicles:

 (add-to-list 'load-path "/my/path/to/icicles/")
 (require 'icicles)

If you also want to turn on Icicle mode each time you start Emacs, then add this line after the others:

 (icy-mode 1)

The Icicles doc Table of Contents follows, but if you just want to get started immediately, follow the Next links from page to page.

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If You Are New to Emacs (and Even If You Are Not)

  • EmacsNewbieWithIcicles – how Icicles can help you use Emacs (and help you learn Emacs) – whatever your level of Emacs expertise

For All Users

The most important links are bold here.

For Emacs-Lisp Programmers

Bugs, Reference

Menu command:
Menu command: T [TAB]
Menu command: Tools >
Menu command: Tools > Compa [TAB]
Menu command: Tools > Compare (Ediff) > Two F [TAB]
Menu command: Tools > Compare (Ediff) > Two Files... [RET]
And that just shows what La Carte can do without Icicles. It is far more useful when you use it together with Icicles features such as apropos completion, progressive completion, and chipping away the non-elephant.

See Also

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