Icomplete Mode

Icomplete mode provides an incremental MiniBuffer Completion preview: As you type in the minibuffer, a list of matching commands is echoed there so you can see how to complete a command. If no known commands match the input so far, “(No match)” is echoed.

You can also select one of the completion candidates. See ‘C-h f icomplete-mode’ for more details.

Use command ‘icomplete-mode’ to toggle icomplete mode on/off. To turn on the mode in your Emacs init file, do this:

    (icomplete-mode 1)

Icomplete Mode+

Library icomplete+.el (Icomplete+) provides the following enhancements to icomplete mode:

        M-x forw    14 (ard-) { char line list...}
        M-x forward-line   [Matched]  (13 more)

Here are some screen shots showing the overall effect (these are a bit old -- they do not show, for instance, the number of available completions or number of candidates remaining in an Icicles cycle):

DrewsEmacsIcompleteImage DrewsEmacsIcompleteImageMatch

Apropos (Regexp) Icompletion

Icicles provides a kind of apropos icompletion. As with standard icompletion, the candidate completions that match your input are displayed incrementally, as you type. The difference is that the matches are regular expression (regexp) matches. See Icicles - Icompletion.

Icompletion gives you an idea what completions are available. In Icicles there are two kinds of completion operation: standard prefix completion and apropos (regexp) completion. Standard icompletion (library icomplete.el or Lisp:icomplete+.el (Icomplete+)) shows you the prefix completions for your current input. Apropos icompletion shows you the apropos completions.

Example: You type ‘M-x char’, and standard prefix icompletion shows you all of the commands that start with ‘char’. Apropos icompletion shows you all of the commands that contain ‘char’ anywhere in their name, not just as a prefix, so you also see commands such as ‘forward-char’.

The apropos icompletion of Icicles is displayed, not in the minibuffer, but in buffer ‘*Completions*’. This means that you can use both kinds of icompletion at the same time: library icomplete.el or Lisp:icomplete+.el shows the prefix completions in the minibuffer, while Icicles shows the apropos completions in buffer ‘*Completions*’.

Mcomplete Mode: Icomplete Mode + Iswitchb

See McompleteMode

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