Iconifying, Deiconifying, and Hiding Frames

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Library frame-cmds.el has commands for iconifying and restoring frames, tiling frames, and more.

La Petite Histoire

When things are frame-oriented, you can end up with lots of frames. So, I created this command:

However, this created an icon for each frame, cluttering up the Unix desktop (or the MS Windows task bar prior to Windows XP). So, I created this alternative command:

With this command, only a single icon is created. In Windows prior to XP, the effect is similar to that provided by Windows XP. However, in XP, the icons are grouped in a single task-bar icon, but they are individually available as a popup menu. With ‘hide-everything’, you lose access to individual frames.

Because of this lack of individual-frame access from the single icon, I created a toggle command: hide all frames or show (raise) them again:

In Windows XP, ‘iconify-everything’ might be as useful as ‘show-hide’, because you can use the Windows popup menu to raise a frame. In Unix, Linux, and other Windows versions, ‘show-hide’ is generally more useful, because it uses only one icon.

As a variant of ‘show-hide’, I created this mouse command (bound to [C-down-mouse-1]) that acts differently, depending on where the mouse is clicked.

Another useful mouse command is this:

See Libraries: frame-cmds.el, setup-keys.el

See Also: FisheyeWithThumbs describes using thumbnail frames as an alternative to iconifying.

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