GNU Emacs mode for microblogging service. You can view your friend’s update list and post and update of your status.

Works with Emacs23 and has support for groups and tags, and highlights replies for better reading.

Instructions and download at or get the elisp file only at: Lisp:identica-mode.el. <<< way out of date

Also hosted on savannah:

and Git repository at:

Based on TwitteringMode

Store Login Info in ~/.netrc

In the old days, people used to store their ftp connection information in the .netrc file. If you read your login and password from this file, you can share your Emacs init file without embarassing yourself. Just remember this particular #emacs quote:

Thats not your real password, I hope?

Here’s some code to initialize your login and password from the netrc file:

(when (require 'netrc nil t)
  (autoload 'identica-mode "identica-mode" nil t)
  (let ((identica (netrc-machine (netrc-parse "~/.netrc") "" t))) ; remove this `t' if you didn't specify a port
    (setq identica-password (netrc-get identica "password") ; if it's last, avoid doing C-M-x in public spaces at least ;-)
          identica-username (netrc-get identica "login"))))

All entries have to be on one line for ‘netrc-parse’ to bunch them together, so use something like:

    machine login myusername password mydifficultpassword

faux identica-mode using ERC/XMPP

If you, like me, like using ERC/XMPP rather than a full-blown mode, you can still get some features into your conversation with

I’ve renamed to “dent”, the following makes tags, nicks and groups clickable. Should work even for Twitter users…

(defun erc-button-follow-identica-tag (tag)
  (browse-url (concat "" tag)))
(defun erc-button-follow-identica-group (group)
  (browse-url (concat "" group)))
(defun erc-button-follow-identica-nick (nick)
  (browse-url (concat "" nick)))

(add-to-list 'erc-button-alist
 	]*\\)" 0 (equal (buffer-name) "dent") erc-button-follow-identica-tag 1) )
(add-to-list 'erc-button-alist
 	]*\\)" 0 (equal (buffer-name) "dent") erc-button-follow-identica-group 1))
(add-to-list 'erc-button-alist
	     ("<dent> \\([^:][^:]*\\):" 1 (equal (buffer-name) "dent") erc-button-follow-identica-nick 1))

(add-to-list 'erc-button-alist ("@\\([^
 	]*\\)" 0 (equal (buffer-name) "dent") erc-button-follow-identica-nick 1))

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I tried using it on Emacs 23.2 but unfortunately it doesnt work for me. Everytime it tries to update it says Unauthorized. Though giving the same credentials into the web interface its working. Any idea how to fix that?

Worked for me on Emacs 23.2 with the release available as at 2010-08-29. Perhaps the problem was related to the sort of certificate issues described on the TwitteringMode page? – Alexis