ideology (n)
an orientation that characterizes the thinking of a group or nation [syn: {political orientation}, {political theory}] (WordNet)

The channel #ideologies on is about the discussion of different political and economical ideologies.

It was founded by Odin, xerox, forcer and hsh on 2005-03-04 when yet another lengthy debate on #emacs (EmacsChannel) disturbed an on-topic discussion to help with some emacs issue.

Feel free to join and discuss :-)

You mean an off-topic discussion about some emacs issue, right? - MyrkraVerk

Short glossary

That part of what you call “your own” which you don’t use yourself. Most of your ten cars, the factory you own, etc. (cf.
That part of what you call “your own” which you actually use yourself. Your computer, your toothbrush, your bed, etc. (cf.
Free market system in which trade and in particular production is predominantly oriented towards making profit (rather than, for example, fulfilling demand).
Free market
System of unrestricted ownership in which all exchanges (whether physical or virtual) are mutually consensual.
Homo economicus
Well-informed participant of a free market consistently acting on the principle of rational self-interest. For simplicity, proponents of free market systems usually assume Homo economicus to be the typical market participant.
Rational self-interest
Principle by which one should always do what one believes will provide the maximum benefit for oneself (in the long run).

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