Major mode sensitive help agent. Help is provided according to the buffer’s major mode

Author: Ralph Schleicher

Part of GNU Emacs.

Supported modes (in GNU Emacs 21.2): CcMode, BisonMode, MakefileMode, Texinfo, M4Mode, AutoconfMode, AwkMode, PerlMode, CPerlMode, LaTeXMode, EmacsLispMode, LispInteractionMode, LispMode, SchemeMode, OctaveMode


    (require 'info-look)


    C-h TAB -- calls `info-lookup-symbol'

or in GNU Emacs 22 or newer, ‘C-h S’.

See also InfoMode, GtkLook, wx-look.el.


In gnuplot info files menu items do not match the regular expression:

"\n\\* \\(.*\\): " 

as it is used in “info-look.el.gz”. To make info work with gnuplot-mode I’ve changed this regexp within the definition of “info-lookup-make-completions” to:

"\n\\* \\(.*\\):[ :]"


Is there a way to make C-h S pop directly to the info manual, rather than being prompted for the command to be searched for? Thanks.

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