A major mode for emacs used to edit programs written in the Inform programming language.

inform-mode supports the usual program mode functions: automatic indentation, moving over expressions, comment and string filling, font locking, tags-file support, starting compiles and parsing errors. It should work on GNU Emacs (v20/21) or XEmacs (v20/21) on any supported platform.

Version 1.5.8, released 3 September 2002

New features:

inform-run-project (C-c C-c) runs an interpreter on the z-code file for the current project. This allows you to test games from within the development environment.
If ‘inform-interpreter-command’ is a string (eg “frotz”) then it will be run as an external program. This program can either be a standalone program like xzip or winfrotz, or it can be a character-based application like frotz or jzip: in the latter case, set ‘inform-interpreter-is-graphical’ to nil and inform-mode will run it in a terminal window using ‘term’ mode.
If ‘inform-interpreter-command’ is a symbol then inform-mode will call it as an Emacs Lisp function, which is useful if you want to run malyon on it or have a custom function you want to run on the story file.

See also MalyonMode, WikiPedia:Inform.

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