Here’s an extract from a Usenet article:

 From: JoeCasadonte
 Subject: Re: Bug? Customize should sort customized variables...
 Newsgroups: comp.emacs,comp.emacs.xemacs
 Date: 29 Aug 2001 08:58:34 -0400

initsplit.el splits out certain customization variables (defined via a regexp) into their own files. I use it to split out my JDE settings; the remainder of my customizations work across my three machines, but the JDE stuff is highly machine-specific. Oh, and as a by-product, customization variables are sorted in alphabetical order.

This package was written by JohnWiegley, and is now being maintained by DaveAbrahams.

Get it from here:

See DotEmacsModular and DotEmacsStructuring for more information.

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