This page describes package intel-hex-mode, authored by Rubens Ramos and maintained by Michael Schuldt.

The code is hosted at:

About intel-hex-mode

This is a major mode to allow easy updating of checksums in Intel Hex files. It also does some font-locking and uses the mode line to show addresses and field types. Works on Emacs and XEmacs. The mode will detect and use easymenu if available.

To use intel-hex-mode, add

    (load-file "PATH_TO_FILE/intel-hex-mode.el")

to your ~/.emacs(.el) or ~/.xemacs/init.el.

By default, .a90, .hex, .a43, and, ihx files will be recognized.

Use ‘C-c C-c’ to update the current line’s checksum, and ‘C-c C-b’ to update the whole buffer.

Licensed as GPL.